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Child benefit amounts until 2020: the old system

The amounts of the Brussels' old child benefit system apply to all children that have their official adres in Brussels and were born before the 1st of January 2020, as long as the amounts in de new system are less advantages than the old amounts that you already received in Brussels in December 2019.

Your child was born before or from 2020 onwards and you are receiving the new amounts?

What does the total amount in the new system consist of?

Your child is entitled to following amounts (valid since May 2024):

Basic amount
A monthly amount for each child
First child: €116,79/month
Second child: €216,09/month
All following children: €322,64/month per child
The basic amount is increased with the age supplement that the child received in December 2019: from + €20,35 up to + €78,82

If orphan of one or both parents: €448,64/month per child
More about the orphan supplement
If you meet certain conditions, you are also entitled to complementary amounts. Take a look at all of the supplements below.

Calculate the amount of your child benefits in a few steps. Start with 1 child. You can add other children later.

The child benefits are calculated on the basis of your child's date of birth and the address where your child lives.

For education

School bonus
Annual age supplement
0 - 5 years old: + €24,38/year per child
6 - 11 years old: + €36,57/year per child
12 - 24 years old: + €60,95/year per child or from 18 years old + €97,52/year per child if they attend higher education
More about the school bonus
In French speaking schools 
For secondary and higher education, you can apply for a scholarship with the "Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles".
More about the scholarship

Tailored to your family

Social supplement
According to your annual gros family income
Annual family income ≤ €38.625,31:
First child: + €59,45/month (or + €127,92/month if on health insurance for an extended period of time)
Second child: + €36,85/month
All following children: + €6,47/month per child (or + €29,72/month per child if single parent family)
More about the social supplement

Tailored to your child

Foster care supplement
For children in foster care (supplement paid to the family in which the child resided before it was placed in foster care)
+ €78,36/month per child
More about the foster care supplement
Supplement for children with a condition or a disability
Depending on the severity of the condition: from + €102,42 up to + €682,74/month
More about the supplement for children with a condition or a handicap

Flemish supplements to which you also might be entitled

Kinderopvangtoeslag (day care supplement)
For children who go to a Dutch day care center whose prices are not related to family income
+ €3,50/per child per day of attendance
More about the kinderopvangtoeslag
Kleutertoeslag (kindergarten supplement)
For children of ages 3 and 4 who attend a kindergarten in a Dutch speaking school
+ €140,72 in 2023
+ €143,53  in 2024
More about the kleutertoeslag
Schooltoeslag (school supplement)
For children who attend class in a Dutch speaking school
The amount depends on your family income, family composition and type of education.
More about the schooltoeslag
Ondersteuningstoeslag (support supplement)
For children with a disability of at least 12 points
+ €331,22/month per child
More about the ondersteuningstoeslag


If your family already received Brussels' child benefit in December 2019 (for children born before 2020), you keep the amounts of the old system, as long as they're more advantageous than those of the new system.

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