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Payment dates of the child benefit

Your monthly child benefit is transferred to your banc account by the 8th of each month (e.g. you receive the child of the month of januari by the 8th of februari. 
The specific payment dates can be found here under.

The next payment can be expected by 01/07/2024

This is the date on which Parentia transfers the amount to your bank. Normally, the amount appears in your account on the same day, depending on your bank's processing speed.

How much is my child entitled to?

Payment history of your child benefit

Consult the payment history of your child benefit in My Parentia

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All payment dates

Why do we pay on those specific dates?

In Brussels it is stipulated by law that the child benefit for a certain month has to be on your banc account on the 8th calender day of the following  month at te latest. When the 8th is in a weekend, you will receive your child benefit on the friday before the 8th at the latest. On top of that, Parentia has weekly additional payments to execute complementary payments when necessary. 

Why choose Parentia?

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Manage your online file with My Parentia
As a parent, you'll find a convenient overview of everything related to the payment of your Child benefits on My Parentia (payment dates, certificates, changing bank account information, etc.).
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Assistance with your family administration
You'll find clear answers to your questions about your family administration with us and receive tips on keeping it organized. Your administration has never been this simple!
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Accurate payments and personalized advice
We ensure a punctual and accurate payment of your Child benefits every month and make sure you receive all the supplements you are entitled to. You can easily reach out to us for quick and personalized advice.
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Other payment dates

Maternity allowance
The maternity allowance can be paid as soon as 2 months before the expected date of birth.
More about the maternity allowance
The annual schoolbonus is paid together with the Growth Package in the month of august
More about the schoolbonus
Day care supplement (Coming from Flanders)
The day care supplement (Kinderopvangtoeslag - KOT) is paid around the 20th of every month.
More about the day care supplement
Pre school supplement (Kleutertoeslag) (Coming from Flanders)
The pre school supplement is transferred the month following the 3rd and 4th birthday. 
More about the pre school supplement
School supplement (Coming from Flanders)
The school supplement is paid between de 1st of september and the 31st of december. You don't have to do anything to receive it. As soon as a Growth Package file is opened on your name, this payment will be executed automatically. 
More about the school supplement

Calculate the amount of your Child benefit in a few steps. Start with 1 child. You can add other children later.

The calculation of the Child benefit is done on the basis of your child's date of birth and the address where your child lives.

The basic amount of  € 182,85 per child

Since the arrival of the new system in Brussels, every child that has been born as of 2019 receives a fixed basic amount of  € 182,85 per child, possibly topped off with supplements. Children that never received child benefit in Belgium, will also be entitled to the new amounts of the Growth package

What is the basic amount for my child that was born before 2019?

My Parentia: Your child benefits at a glance!

My Parentia is the personal online file for parents receiving their child benefits through Parentia.
Use My Parentia to...

  • Access the complete Child benefits file for your child(ren), including the amount per child, any supplements, etc.
  • Consult all correspondence online anytime, anywhere.
  • View a complete payment history of your child benefits.
  • Stay updated on all news related to your child benefits dossier.
  • Request certificates and documents.
  • Update the bank account number where you receive the child benefits.

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