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The child benefit amounts

Since the introduction of the new Brussels' child benefit system in 2020, every child receives a basic amount that (according to their age) varies between €170,66 and €207,23  per month, potentially increased by other supplements depending on your personal situation. Children born before 2020 also receive the new amounts unless the new amounts are less advantageous than the old ones which you already received in Brussels in December of 2019.

Since 2020

Monthly basic amount:

from €170,66 to €207,23/month per child

What is the amount for your child?

(for all children)
The new Brussels' system was introduced in 2020 and applies for all children who have their offical adress in Brussels and were born before or from 2020 onwards.
Amounts from 2020 onwards
(If more advantageous for families which already received child benefit before 2020)
If your family already received Brussels' child benefit BEFORE 2020, you will keep the amounts which applied in the old system as long as they are more advantageous than the new amounts.
Amounts until 2019
Transition from the old to the new system
For families who are still receiving the old amounts for children born before 2020, Parentia makes the comparison between both systems every month. Whenever the new system becomes more advantageous (due to a change in your personal situation), we will apply the new system automatically. From that moment on, the transfer to the new system is definitive and applies to the whole family.

Indexation: according to the health index

The amounts of the Brussels' child benefit are directly related to the Belgian health index. Whenever the pivot index is exceeded, the Brussels' child benefit amounts will increase accordingly. This pivot index was last exceeded in April 2024. The indexed amounts apply from May 2024 and will be paid out from June 2024.

You receive your monthly child benefit on your bank account on the first work day the following month. Would you like to know the exact data? Then take a peek at our page with all the payment dates.

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