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Payment dates of your child benefits. 

Would you like to know when you are going to receive your child benefits? We went ahead and listed our monthly payment dates!

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Determined by law! 

In Wallonia it is determined by law that the child benefits have to be deposited on your bank account at the latest on the 8th calendar day of the month following the month of reference. If the 8th falls on a weekend, your child allowances have to be on your account by Friday before said weekend. On top of that, Parentia makes weekly payments in case a correction has to be made to your file.

In any case, at Parentia we make sure payments are carried out correctly and on time. You chose to receive your payments by cheque? Then your cheque should be in your mail box at the latest three days after the aforementioned date.*

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When will Parentia pay your child benefits? 

Payment dates of child benefits
Month of referenceDate of payment
Growth Package/child benefits December 2023
08 January 2024
Growth Package/child benefits January 2023 08 February 2024
Growth Package/child benefits February 202308 March 2024
Growth Package/child benefits March 202306 April 2024
Growth Package/child benefits April 202308 May 2024
Growth Package/child benefits May 202307 June 2024
Growth Package/child benefits June 202308 July 2024
Growth Package/child benefits July 2023 and school bonus08 August 2024
Growth Package/child benefits August 202306 September 2024
Growth Package/child benefits September 202308 October 2024
Growth Package/child benefits October 202308 November 2024
Growth Package/child benefits November 202306 December 2024
Growth Package/child benefits December 202308 January 2025

The dates mentioned above are the final dates on which you receive the money on your bank account. You will receive your child benefits on your account on the 8th of that month at the latest.

The daycare supplement (KOT) is paid around the 20th of each month. Kinder garden supplement is paid the month following the 3rd or 4th birthday of your child. Your annual school bonus will be paid in August together with your child benefit of July and possible scholarships are paid between the 1st of September and the 31st of December. From the moment your child benefit file is active, the deposit will be carried out automatically.

*Payment by cheque also depends on external factors which Parentia has no control over. Therefore, there is a chance that these cheques might be delivered too late or might even get lost. If you want to avoid the chances of that happening, we advise you to communicate your bank account number. You can download the needed document on our ‘forms page’, (choose “Payment of your child benefits on an account”) and return it to us completely filled out as soon as possible. By doing so, you are sure to receive your monthly payments on time!