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Quality is not what Parentia puts in its service. It's what you get out of it! 

You expect your Growth Package or child benefit to be paid correctly and on time. As you should! You also feel like a quick service should be obvious. And off course you want to be given adequate information and advice. At Parentia we take it even a step further by helping you with everything that has anything to do with your family administration. We strive to deliver a quality service on a day to day basis so you entire family administration runs as smooth as possible.

Parentia is ISO-certified!

That is why we have built a quality system that meets the ISO 9001:2015-norm. Auditors from Vinçotte check our activities at our head office and all of our agencies regularly.
The ISO-lable that they install onto us, is a garanty that Parentia constantly strives for quality. This certificate is not just an empty piece of paper to us. It's a confirmation of our company culture in which customer care has a central place. Day after day our 300 staff members, each specialists in a complex legislation, work on a real relationship with our families based on trust. when it comes to legislation as well as customer service, we cling to a strict and dynamic follow-up of our files and a permanent education of our employees.

At Parentia we constantly refine our procedures and invest in digital innovation. We diversify our communication channels to inform you as good as possible: by phone, e-mail, in our offices, by appointment and even by video call. On our website parents are able to consult their online file and documents in all safety and they can even calculate the amount of their child benefit and possible supplements. On our website they can also find practical information and tools to assist them with their family administration and tips and tricks for the entire family. All to serve one purpose: 400.000 satisfied customers.

Nevertheless, something can always go wrong. That is why we very attentively listen to all of the reactions our customers give us, this in order to meet up to their needs as good as possible. Every comment, be it a complaint or a compliment, helps us to better understand their expectations. In order to learn if the parents are happy with our services, we regularly hold surveys because measurement brings knowledge. It goes without saying that the opinion our families hold towards us, is an essential part of our ISO-quality policy