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  • In Flanders you're entitled to a birth allowance of € 1.167,33 for each child.
  • You can receive your payment as much as two months before the assumed date of birth.
  • After the birth of your child, you will automatically receive your monthly Growth Package (what used to be called child benefit in Flanders).

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Step 1 : Info mother

First of all: congratulations! To execute your application, you will need to provide us with a few data. That way, Parentia will be able to pay you your starting amount as soon as possible.

You'd rather not fill out your application digitally? No problem, You can download our application form for maternity benefit and return it to us in one of our agencies or via our contactform

Hey, je bent nog niet klaar- maternity

Sla je gegevens op, zodat je later terug kunt starten - maternity

  • Doe je aanvraag wanneer je wil- maternity
  • Op het toestel van je keuze - maternity
  • Geen dubbelwerk - maternity

Vul hieronder je gegevens in en wij sturen je meteen een mailtje waarmee je je aanvraag kunt verderzetten. - maternity

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