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All you need to know about the maternity benefit, also known as the birth premium!

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How do you apply for your maternity allowance?

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Choosing a child benefit fund

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Have you still got practical questions related to the starting amount? Then be sure to take a look here under and maybe you'll find your answer!

Who files the application for the maternity allowance?

It's the mother who applies for the maternity benefit or birth premium. After all, the law stipulates that the maternity allowance must be paid to the mother. 

Where to apply for the maternity allowance?

You live in Wallonia? In that case since the first of July 2020 you yourself can decide which child benefit fund is allowed to pay your birth allowance. If you choose Parentia, you won’t regret it. We will help you with all of your family administration, so nothing can pass you by. That way we make sure you’re child doesn’t miss out on anything! You can easily apply for the maternity allowance using our on-line tool.

How to apply for the maternity allowance before birth?

When your child is born, you receive a birth allowance from your child benefit fund. Parents who apply for that maternity allowance in time, can receive this birth allowance as soon as two months before the supposed date of birth. This by sending a paper form to your child benefit fund (via regular post,  e-mail or our contact form). If you would choose Parentia, you can also easily apply for your starting amount using our user friendly on-line tool.

How to apply for the maternity allowance after birth?

When you already have children that are entitled to child benefits, you don’t have to do anything. Your current child benefit fund will take care of everything. On the other hand, if your new born is your first child, you can still apply for your birth allowance, even if your child has already been born. Just send us the original ‘certificate of birth destined to obtain the birth allowance’ (you will receive this certificate as soon as you register your child at the municipal services) right after your child is born, using our contact page or using our easy online tool. ​​​​​​​

Who gets the starting amount, when and how much? (1042)

When your son or daughter is born, as a mother you receive a one-time maternity allowance. That amount is intended to provide for all of the things your baby needs right after it is born. If you apply for your birth allowance during your pregnancy, you can receive your maternity allowance as soon as two months before the supposed date of birth. The Walloon maternity allowance is 1.288,87 euros per new born child.

Pregnant? Go through the different steps of our on-line tool and apply for your starting amount in a whiff! ​​​​​​​

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