Pregnant? Apply for your starting amount or maternity benefit in no time at all!

Pregnant, but you haven't applied for your birth allowance yet? Do it now, and receive the amount even two months before your child’s planned date of birth.

Do you already receive child benefit? Join anyway!

Did you know that from 1 January 2020 you can switch to a child benefit fund of your choice? Feel free to join the Parentia family. Leave your details and we'll take care of everything.


Even in times of corona, we are there for you and your family.

This school year Parentia also pays the new ‘School Supplement’ (old scholarship) for children who attend a Dutch preschool, elementary school or secondary school. If you meet the conditions, you will automatically receive this school supplement somewhere between the month of September and the month of December 2020. You don’t have to do anything yourself. Attention: de first series of payments have already been made but not for every child. As soon as we receive your children’s digital school certificate from the department of education, the payment will be automatically done for all the children in your family. There is no need to inform us.
Covid-19-supplement: vulnerable families with a reasonable drop in income, can apply for a one-off supplement on top of the Growth Package before 01/11/2020. Check out the conditions.