The Covid-19 supplement: A little extra on top of the Growth Package in times of corona!

A lot of households saw a drop of income caused by the measures taken because of the corona virus. The Flemish gouvernment therefor announced an extra supplement on top of the Growth Package to help out the families that most need it.


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Press release of the Cabinet of the Flemish minister of Wellbeing, Public health, Family and Poverty reduction:

We want to temporary support the families in need. We focus on the most vulnerable: Every household that experiences a certain drop in income and has an income under the amount of 2.213 euro a month.

"This supplement is a specific compensation for families with children in their care. This compensation is for families that can show that their income of the months of March, April, May or June was reduced for a certain percentage, this in comparison to their income of January or February and that their income is lower than 2.213 euro. They have to be able to show a drop of income for at least one month. These families will receive a one time supplement of 120 euros per child, paid in three-monthly parts. In that way we support the families with the lowest incomes, which include a lot of one-parent families."

How to obtain this supplement?

If you are able to show a drop of your family income of at least 10% in the month of March, April, May or June and you can show that you have a family income below 2.213,30 a month (in March, April, May or June), for a period of three months you will receive a supplement of € 40 per child that has his official address in Flanders.

You have to apply for this supplement yourself using the application form. Be sure to do this between 15 June 2020 and 31 October 2020.

What are the conditions?

The same conditions that have to be met to receive the social supplement, will be taken in account.

Your income, as well as the income of your partner or the person with whom you form a family, will be taken in account.

The covid-19 supplement is possible for families that already receive the social supplement, as well as for the families who don't receive any supplements.


What documents do you need to send us, in order to show your drop of income?

  • Employees: your pay slip or a certificate of your employer that shows your monthly taxable income.
  • Self-employed: A declaration of your accountant that shows your monthly net income.
  • International civil servants: your pay slip or a certificate of your employer that shows your monthly taxable income.
  • Replacement income: a certificate of the institution that shows the monthly paid amounts
  • Corona-compensation premium or nuisance premium: certificate of the institution that made the payment. This type of income will not be taken in account to calculate your income, but they will be accepted as a declaration of income.
  • CI-test: Income generated by real estate data known in your file will be taken in account. If there are any changes, you will be responsible to inform us and provide us with proof using the necessary documents. 

When will this supplement be paid?

This Covid-19 supplement will be paid in 3 parts of € 40,00, in the month of your application and the two months following that month, always approximately the 8th of the month.